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Roll on filled with essential oils with aromatherapeutic properties for topical use. 

Use pulse points to activate the benefits of the oils. Some are

located behind your ear, at the bottom of your neck, on yourwrist, inside your elbow, behind your knee and ankle. 



    Roll on essential oil

    • Caprylic/capric triglyceride, fragrance*. 

      *therapeutic grade essential oils

      • Breathe : Conquer your fears and control your panic attacks to stay in control of those jitters that life may brinng. 
      • Boost : For maximum focus, concentration needed for a task. Perfect for an office envirronnement or intensive final exams
      • Hyggee : to enjoy a cozy evening to the max. Attract a feeling of contentenment and calmness 
      • Rise and shine : this uplifting blend is intented to refresh and revitalize your senses. Perfect to start a productive day
      • Serenity : a delightful and soothing blend to bring a sense of deep relaxation for a positive state of mind. 
      • Zen : Intended for meditation and yoga session to promote a peaceful, soothing and relaxing sensation
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